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Umbrella Movement, was a sit-in street protest occurred from Sep to Dec in 2014.Started with class boycott by students, it became one of the biggest protests in Hong Kong history. Hundreds of thousands people joined the protest, occupied several major city intersections, demanding universal suffrage with unscreened nominees for the election of chief executive in 2017. Protesters defended themselves from police’s teargas and pepper spray with umbrellas, which made umbrella as a symbol of the demonstration and became the reason it was named Umbrella Movement, or Umbrella Revolution. The movement ended peacefully with disappointment and despair among protestors but it had long-term and huge impacts upon the political situation of Hong Kong. Until now, we are still trying to find the best way out of Hong Kong.

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Incidents after the Umbrella Movement:

  • Causeway Bay Books disappearances: Causeway Bay Books is a bookstore sells mainly political books that are considered sensitive or banned in China (completely legal in Hong Kong). Starting from Oct 2015, five staff members of the bookstore went missing. One of them, who is also its shareholder –  Lee Bo, disappeared in Hong Kong, raised widespread concern after his wife had reported to the police. He had no record of leaving the city in the Immigration Department, several days later he claimed in newspaper and video that he was ‘safe’ in China. Eventually he came back to Hong Kong, closed his file in police station and urged the media not to follow his case, then went back to China on the same day. The abduction of Hong Kong citizens by Chinese police, strongly violated the ‘one country, two systems’ principle.
  • 2016 Mong Kok civil unrest: The incident erupted following the government’s crackdown on unlicensed street hawkers during the Chinese New Year. A police officer shot two warning shots into the air and protesters threw bricks and set fires in the streets that more than 100 people were injured. Such kind of violent incident rarely happened in Hong Kong. It was shocking but expected due to huge conflicts of the current political situation.
  • Ten Years(Movies): Its sensitive political theme came under fire and raised huge controversy as it won the Best Film Award at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards. The film comprises of five short fictional stories set in the year 2025, locals may feel the scenes are something believable and happening in real world that it truly reflects and portrays Hong Kong people’s thoughts, emotions and fears.

It could be said the Umbrella Movement was over in Hong Kong, but for foreigners, I am sure this is a good introduction to understand the situation of the city. Being an international city, if we are forgotten by the world, Hong Kong will just become an ordinary city of China and slowly loss our unique identity and culture. I have the yellow umbrella flag on my bike because I would like you to know more about Hong Kong.

I am a HongKonger. 


雨傘運動,指2014年9月至12月在香港發生的佔領運動,由學生的罷課集會演變成大規模的佔領行動,數十萬的香港市民佔據各區主要交通要道,為香港近年最大型的示威行動,其主要訴求為爭取2017年無篩選的行政長官選舉。大量示威者以雨傘抵擋警方的胡椒噴霧,因此運動被稱為雨傘運動,雨傘亦成為此運動的象徵。雖然最終運動在灕漫著失望和無力感的氣氛下和平結束 ,但對香港的政治生態影響深遠,直到今天,大家還在努力探索香港的出路。



  • 銅鑼灣書店員工失蹤事件:主要出售中國政治禁書(在香港是合法的)的書店股東及員工相繼失踪,股東之一的李波在香港境內失蹤,其妻報警後引起廣泛關注,沒有出境紀錄的李波事後以書信及短片「報平安」,最後甚至回港主動銷案又馬上回到中國。中國跨境綁架的爛劇本徹底破壞「一國兩制」的原則。
  • 2016年的旺角騷亂:農歷新年期間,因小販問題而起的警民衝突事件,示威者以磚頭攻擊警方,並焚燒雜物阻擋警察推進,有警員兩度向天開槍,事件中過百人受傷,衝突的暴力程度在香港十分罕見,社會震驚之餘,在當前的政治環境中又似是意料中事。
  • 十年 (電影):因內容敏感而受到各方面的打壓,在爭議聲中獲得第35屆「香港電影金像獎」最佳電影。影片由5個小電影組成,虛構的故事卻令人聯想到現實正在發生的事情,正正反映著很多香港人的想法,情緒以及恐懼。



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