Touring Morocco by Bike (3) : Rabat – Meknes – Azrou

Rabat 拉巴特 – Meknes 梅克內斯 – Azrou 艾茲魯

Rabat – Meknes – Azrou

Rabat – Meknes (146km)

There is a highway connecting these two cities, so the traffic of the N6 national road is not much. It is only 2 lanes road, but it has smooth surface and with shoulder most of the time. The height difference is only about 500m for distance of 146km, overall steepness is gentle, except a 300m climbing at a valley after Khemisset, so it was quite a relatively easy ride.

There was no campsite on the way, but there is orchard area within 30km from rabat, which should be ok for wild camping. You will find a place to rest/eat for every 20-30km, and also some hotels at Khemisset (90km from Rabat), It was already dark for the last section near Meknes, but probably there was nothing special too.

cane weave funiture along the

canework shops on the road

The only place that has a better scenery for the whole day

Near Khemisset, the only place where you find better scenery for this route.

Boring road

boring road~

Rabat information

  • Accommodation:
    • There are not many hostels in the city, the nearest campsite is at Mohammedia, about 50km from Rabat.
  • Other information
    • Rabat is the political and administrative capital of Morocco, Agdal is the area of embassies, so the living cost is the highest in the country. The city also seems to be more liberal and western, which makes life little bit easier for foreigner compare to those touristic cities like Marrakesh, Fez or Tangier. I studied Arabic for 3 weeks here and I found it was good place to study.
    • Medina and Oudayas near the beach are good for wandering around.

Rabat Photos
No photos

Meknes Information

  • Accommodation:
    • No campsite in city center
    • I stayed in Hotel Maroc (50MAD rooftop with bed, hot shower, WI-FI)
      • GPS:33.893949, -5.55966
      • Tel:0535530075
      • Prefect location near the medina, staying on the rooftop is probably more comfortable than staying in a room in summer (a room costs about 100MAD/person)
  • Other information
    • Meknes is one of the four imperial cities, it is less famous, comparing to the well-known Marrakesh and Fez, but it’s worth spending some days there, I loved to wander around in the small lanes inside medina, people smiled all the time.

Meknes Photos

Meknes – Azrou (73km)
Heading south towards Altas mountains finally, that is the real gem for cycling in Morocco. The first destinaion was Arzou at 1300m high, it is the summer destination for Moroccans. Starting from Meknes, soon I reached the less-populated farming area. The road was small, road condition was so-so, but almost no traffic, steepness was about 2-3%, eventually you will reach a town called El Hajeb, about 30km from Meknes, this was the only place you can find kiosk on the road.

Atlas mountains were getting close (although still far) after climbing for all day, I felt pretty good. After El Hajeb, climbed 400m in about 25km, I have reached a small mountain pass with nice view for the surrounding mountains, that’s the best reason to cycle in Morocco, and today was just a start.

Scenery for most of the day

Similar landscape for half day

Scenery is pretty nice at the pass before Azrou, but I reached here after sunset

nice view from this mountain pass near Arzou, but it was pity that I reached there after sunset

Azrou/Ifrane information

  • Accommodation:
    • Camp Euro Camping (40MAD, hot shower)
      • few km from center, you can find shared taxi to come at the main station (5MAD)
      • GPS:33.444801, -5.190894
      • Tel:0613143030 / 0669641991
      • Website:
      • This was the best campsite so far, they had cafe and swimming pool, it was very clean too. But I was there during low season, so many facilities were closed. But the boss said the campsite keeps open even it is snowing – that’s campsite in Morocco.
  • Other information:
    • I was there by chance on the interesting Tuesday Market, people were selling animals, food, housewares, toys, electric products, clothes… etc. atmosphere is lively and it seems like a gathering party for locals. People were more friendly and funny. It was also a great day for photographing.
    • Ifrane is located at an elevation of about 1600m. The mountain with pine trees plus the alps style houses, makes it become Switzerland in Morocco. It does not have many tourist spots, but it is a nice day trip from Arzou to see a different Morocco. There is a campsite near the bus station.

Azrou Photos

Ifrane Photos
No photos


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