Touring Morocco by Bike (4) : Azrou – Midelt


Azrou – Midelt

 Azrou – Midelt (102km)
The best thing to cycle in Morocco is the rapidly change of landscape and it’s weather. The scenery is so much different at two sides of a mountain pass, and you will be surprised how much rain can be blocked by a mountain. I am sure you will understand what I mean if you take this route.

Started from the hill town Azrou, first I reached a pine tree forest with lots of wild monkeys (Locals call this place Monkey hills), then it’s a vast grass hills area, occasionally passing water sources with lines of golden White Poplar trees and sheeps around. It is about 60km, 1000m high from Azrou to Col du Zad, mostly the slope is less than 3% and the the road was pretty empty, so it was a pleasant ride especially it was the first time I could felt the wilderness in Morocco. I didn’t even realize when I crossed the mountain pass – Col du Zad.

Beginning of the day, this part of the road was quite steep

Just start from Arzou, quite a steep climb

grassland after a pine tree forest, you may find plenty shepherds on the road

shepherd and sheeps are often seen at this vast grasshills region.

yellowish green poplar trees during autumn season

golden white poplar tress during Autumn

just before the mountain pass

Traffic Jam before the pass – Col du Zad

After the pass, the road, with steepness about 5%, goes along a dry and bending river. There are still some short trees on the road. I quickly reached a gentle downhill straight road after about 10km, I was greatly surprised with the different landscape on this side of the mountain. It’s a extremely dry reddish land, with only scattered desert plants. After 10km, you already reach a boundless Semi-desert area.

The traffic is very little for the whole day, except the last 20-30km from Zaida to Midelt, where you have to share the road with many big trucks.

scenery was completely different on the other side of the mountain

Completely different scenery at the other side of the mountain

surrounded by gobi near the campsite, landcape were so much different in such a short distance

near the Kzar Timnay Campsite, it’s already a half-desert area

Azrou – Midelt:

  • A small Restaurant/Auberge located at about 15km from Azrou (GPS: 33.366495, -5.150527)
  • Timahdte (35km from Azrou), Zaida (30km from Midelt) have restaurants.
  • Col Du ZAD Auberge
    • GPS: 33.058533, -5.038083
    • about 57km from Azrou and at 2000m high. The last place to stay before Col du Zad, likely you can camp here too.

Midelt Information

  • Accommodation:
    • Kzar Timnay Camping (55MAD, Hot Shower, WIFI, with restaurant and a small kisok)
      • GPS: 32.752311, -4.919307
      • Tel: 0535360188, 0668651788
      • Website:
      • About 20km from Midelt, location is not that convenient, but the facilities are close to European standard. Restaurant is open everyday and there is hotel room too. It’s funny that when the boss knew I am from Hong Kong, he said it’s better for Hong Kong to be independent.
        Kzar Timnay Camping
    • Hotel Atlas
      • At the center of Midelt, around 100MAD/night
      • GPS: 32.681978, -4.742646
      • Tel: 0535582938

Midelt Photos

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