Touring Morocco by Bike (7): Dades Gorge – Todra Gorge

Dades Gorge to Todra Gorge

Dades Gorge – Todra Gorge

Dades Gorge – Todra Gorge (86km)
I continued my journey towards the bottom of the Dades Gorge. There is nothing special on the road, except Ait Arbi, the red rock formation like a fire forest, which locals call it Monkey’s Fingers, and one or two abandoned Kasbahs (Traditional houses like a castle).

After 20km cycling, I arrived to Boumalne Dades. This small city located just outside the gorge is not so interesting, but I was in the remote area for almost 2 weeks, when I saw the city with market, restaurants, telecom shops, hotels, schools and all necessities, I was happy and felt like coming back from a trip, then I had a overpriced lunch there… such a touristic city…

The road connecing Boumalne Dades and Tinghir is situated in between two mountain ranges, I could saw a chain of snow peaks while I was at such a vast, flat and desert-like area, Morocco’s landscape has really so much variety. Dozens of km straight gently downhill asphalt road is a main road in this region, but surprisingly has very few traffic, luckily I had a backwind, otherwise it would be very boring.

I passed a small village, one or two quiet motel, and it’s almost empty on the road.

one straight road

one straight road

Tinghir is the entrance for Todra Gorge, it’s more modern compare to Boumalne Dades. Tourists with vehicle will not stay here, but it is a good place to buy imported goods. Scenery change again once you enter the valley – villages along the river and full of palm trees. A small climb before you reach the touristic spot of Todra Gorge, which is about 15km from Tinghir. Dades Gorge is full of scattered impressive landscapes, but Todra Gorge has only one main highlight, a several hundred meters long, deep and narrow ravine. For me, Todra Gorge is more famous maybe just because it is easier to reach.

Information / Accommodation:

  • Ait Arbi (GPS: 31.45968, -5.971352)
    • Several auberges and campsites in this place, a good spot to stay overnight because Ait Arbi must be amazing during sunset time.
  • Boumalne Dades
    • The center is near the bus station, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants and market. The city has nothing special, so it is recommended to stay inside Dades Gorge.
  • Boumalne Dades – Tinghir
    • Riad Timadrouine
      • GPS: 31.409055, -5.711983
      • About 30km from Boumalne Dades
    • There is one or two motel, otherwise it is completely empty on the road, so bring enough water.
  • Tinghir
    • There are many auberges/restaurants inside Todra Gorge, but if you cook by yourself, you have to buy things from Tinghir. There is a fresh market near the bus station, Chez Kamal (GPS: 31.514513, -5.538323) is a small supermarket, but maybe the only place for imported goods.
  • Todra Gorge
    • Camping le Soleil (50MAD, WIFI, Hot shower)
      • GPS: 31.547766, -5.589631
      • Tel: 0524895111
      • serveral km from Todra Gorge, but the campsite facilities is well-kept, campground with good shade, the price of its restaurant is also reasonable.
    • La Source Des Poissons Sacres
      • GPS: 31.554447, -5.585334
  • Tamtetoucht (GPS: 31.679296, -5.537226)
    • The village between Todra Gorge and Imilchil/Agoudal, it seems this route is less impressive than Dades Gorge, but I have just cycled until Tamtattouchte, and locals told me the road condition is not bad. In Tamtattouchte, you can find several auberges and campsites, and a small restaurant.


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