Touring Morocco by Bike (8): Todra Gorge – Meski

Todhra Gorge / Tinghir – Errachidia / Source Bleue de Meski

Todhra Gorge / Tinghir – Errachidia / Source Bleue de Meski

Todra Gorge / Tinghir – Errachidia / Source Bleue de Meski (161km)

2 weeks after the magnificent landscapes of Imilchil and Dades Gorge, it’s time to go back to ‘normal’ places. Several hundreds km asphalt road in a vast and flat desert-like area from Tinghir to Merzouga, and those Oasis towns are quite interesting but there are not many reasons to stop.

The road from Tinghir to Tinejdad is quite similar to Boumalne Dades to Tinghir, it is a 55km gently downhill road and there is nothing in between two cities. Tinejdad has a UNSECO old town, there are many restaurants and hotels here but no campsites which is rare in Morocco, so I moved on after having a lunch near the bus station.

I cycled another boring 20km to Goulmima, it’s strange that the only campsite is right next to the bus station in the city center. Just outside the city, there is a large palmeraie that home to several hundreds, people live in traditional way and doing farming with canals all around the oasis, the neighborhood is very green and air is full of moisture, which is so much difference to the surrounding area, it was quite a special experience for me.

There was a incident when I came back to the campsite from palmeraie, the gate was closed and I was waiting for about 5 minutes. Someone tried to call the owner but nobody answered, so I decided to climb over the gate as it is not that high. The owner have just backed after I went inside, then he kept on pushing me and scolding, and I insisted I have to do it because I couldn’t wait forever, anyway it’s not a big deal. I have just read a research – people who travel more has lower moral standard… I would just say we believe more “rules are dead people are alive”.

The incident at the campsite, and extremely boring road to Errachidia, plus having problem for the mobile, GPS device, Portable HD continuously in the past few days, my mood was damn bad. There is only one cafe in 60km, and Errachidia has nothing interesting, so I moved on to Meski.

Meski is a well-shaped campground with lots of palm trees, which is also a tourist spot. Warm, natural springs bubble to the surface and form a crystal clear swimming pool, sounds of birds, lines of ants and different kinds of insects, I felt like being in a paradise. There are many wild cats and they all came and fight for the food when I cooked, by watching them I felt a lot better. This is the most charming and funny campsite in Morocco.

Information / Accommodation:

  • The southern part of Morocco is the edge of Sahara desert, Many cities are apart from more than 50km and there is nothing in between, so remember to bring more water.
  • Auberge Camping Tizmoutine
    • GPS: 31.454924, -5.360104
    • 20km from Tinghir
  • Goulmima
    • Camp les Tamaris (70MAD, WIFI, Hot shower)
      • GPS: 31.686533, -4.959044
      • Next to the bus station and the only campsite at Goulmima, perfect location but the campsite and its restaurant are overpriced.
  • Errachidia / Meski
    • Errachidia is a mid-size city and a transportation hub, but it is not a tourist city, so there is not many hotels.
    • Acima supermarket
      • GPS: 31.931148, -4.453536
    • La Source Bleue de Meski (20MAD, Hot shower 10MAD)
      • GPS: 31.857044, -4.283197
      • 18km from Errachidia and there is shuttle bus between two places
      • Natural spring swimming pool, charming ambience
      • best campsite in morocco

        The best campsite in Morocco


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