Touring Morocco by Bike (16) : Taroudant – Agadir

Taroudant - Agadir

Taroudant – Agadir

Taroudant – Agadir (83km)

The plain from Taroudant and Agadir is the main agriculture area in Morocco. There are many roads connecting these two cities, but I can imagine no matter which road you take, it’s all farmland or greenhouse on both sides of the road. I took the route at the north, which is the closer one to Altas.

I knew this road will not be interesting, but still far boring than I expected. There were many big trucks and many holes on the road, sometimes I was being forced to leave the road because of the traffic, together with the car exhausts and strange smell from the field, comparing to the mountain road just few days ago, I felt like falling to Hell from the Heaven.

There were cafes or small market for every 15km, but I was quite down and didn’t want to stop until about 50km at the gas station near the junction to the highway. From there, I took a smaller road via Azrarag, it was not that scenic but very calm, much better than the previous road. I could see modern Agadir from the hill and the blue ocean that I hadn’t seen for long time, so I sprinted happily to the city center.

Agadir is a resort city, with nice sheltered sandy beach and clean water, and 300 sunny days a year, it attracts many European to stay here during winter, but it is not a place for me. The city feels unlike Morocoo, as the city was completely rebuilt following a devastating earthquake in 1960. The first time I am refused to stay in a campsite, can imagine how touristic of this place is, and only for ‘rich’ tourist.

Information / Accommodation:

  • Taroudant – Agadir
    • For the route at the north, there are cafes/restaurants for every 15km, but there is no hotel. There is another N10 main road to Agadir, and probably more busy.
  • Agadir
    • There is only one campsite at Agadir, and only for Campers, it make a very bad impression for me to this city. There are many hostels at Tamraght, about 15km from Agadir.


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