Touring Morocco by Bike (19) : El-Jadida – Rabat

El-Jadida – Casblanca – Rabat

El-Jadida – Casblanca – Rabat

 El-Jadida – Casablanca – Rabat (193km)

This route is certainly the most boring one I have taken in Morocco.

Day 1 : El-Jadida – Camping International Hawai
A 15km broad road with many tall trees on roadside connecting El-Jadida and Azemmour. Azemmour was similar to El-Jadida, also a former Portuguese colonial town, someone told me the medina is worth a visit, and there is campsite near the beach. I didn’t stop there because it’s really too close to El-Jadida.

I turned to R320 road from the N1 national road, R320 seems like a seaside road on the map, but in fact the road goes along the fields, and you cannot see the ocean. It’s quite a busy and densely populated agriculture area, the road is a little broken, maybe it’s better to follow the N1 main road. Given the density of the villages, there are cafes, restaurants, messy market, construction sites, gas station… for every 10km, and this scenery keeps repeating.

There is no campsite on the road, and almost not possible to find a quiet place for wild camping. I saw the sign of campground just before dark, and this was for sure the worst campground in Morocco. Almost everything was broken, no lights, luckily there’s still running water in the toilet. But I was pleased to stay in a campsite, because I had diarrhea for the whole night…

Day 2:Camping International Hawai – Rabat
I reached Tamaris with the similar road condition like the day before, but it was getting better after Tamaris, wide road and mostly with cycling path. When I got close to Casablanca, I took the route near the coast which is very neat, I guessed it is the region for Upper class. After a big beach, you can’t miss the grand Hassan II Mosque, which looks floating on the ocean. This is the third largest mosque in the world and the only Mosque that is allow to visit as a non-muslim in Morocco, it should be worth to visit but I continued my way to Rabat.

The north coast of Casablanca is an industrial area, traffic was busy with many big trucks, but the road was very wide, so it’s not a difficult ride, another 25km is Mohammedia, a pleasant seaside town with holiday mood, there are some good campgrounds near the beach. The 60km R322 connecting Mohammedia and Rabat passing forest, grassland and beaches was surprisedly quiet with no cities in between, and there were still shepherds around.

The last 20km to Rabat is a wide straight road even with road light, which is quite rare in Morocco.

Information / Accommodation:

This area is quite developed, so there are many towns on the road, you can find place to eat for every 10km. Campsites are more in the countryside, there is no campground at Casablanca and Rabat. The accommodation is more expensive in these cities compare to Marrakesh and Fes.

  • Azemmour
    • Camping Mimoza
      • GPS: 33.303559, -8.355402
    • Camping Haouzia
      • GPS: 33.309834, -8.351923
  • El-Jadida – Casablanca
    • Camping International Hawai (30MAD)
      • GPS: 33.48851, -7.906244
      • 70km from El-Jadida, probably the worst campground I have stayed.
    • Camping International Oasis
      • GPS: 33.505923, -7.842319
      • 80km from El-Jadida
  • Mohammedia
    • Camp Ocean Bleu (75MAD, WIFI, Hot Shower)
      • GPS: 33.737761, -7.324175
      • Just next to the ocean, with a restaurant attached.
    • Camp Oubaha (40MAD, WI-FI, Hot Shower 10MAD)
      • GPS: 33.728232, -7.3350
  • Rabat
    • Accommodation:
      • There are not many hostels in the city, the nearest campsite is at Mohammedia, about 50km from Rabat.
    • Other information
      • Rabat is the political and administrative capital of Morocco, Agdal is the area of embassies, so the living cost is the highest in the country. The city also seems to be more liberal and western, which makes life little bit easier for foreigner compare to those touristic cities like Marrakesh, Fez or Tangier. I studied Arabic for 3 weeks here and I found it was good place to study.
      • Medina and Oudayas near the beach are good for wandering around.

Rabat Photos

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