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踩過十幾個國家,無疑有好幾個國家自己很喜歡,台灣的平易近人,蒙古的遼闊荒芒,吉爾吉斯的湖光山色,烏茲別克的古跡和當地人的熱情等等,但在摩洛哥踩單車接近三個月後,要我只選一個國家能包含所有原素的,非摩洛哥莫屬。我知,很多人連摩洛哥在哪裡也搞不清楚,摩納哥?賭城嗎?說得出Casablanca (只因為「北非諜影」),或者Marrakesh已經算不錯,去這麼「落後危險」的地方旅行,很多人已經會覺得費解,還要叫想像去踩單車,完全是天荒夜談!正是因此我才打算分享我在摩洛哥踩單車的經驗。


The Flag

Umbrella Movement, was a sit-in street protest occurred from Sep to Dec in 2014.Started with class boycott by students, it became one of the biggest protests in Hong Kong history. Hundreds of thousands people joined the protest, occupied several major city intersections, demanding universal suffrage with unscreened nominees for the election of chief executive in 2017. Protesters defended themselves from police’s teargas and pepper spray with umbrellas, which made umbrella as a symbol of the demonstration and became the reason it was named Umbrella Movement, or Umbrella Revolution. The movement ended peacefully with disappointment and despair among protestors but it had long-term and huge impacts upon the political situation of Hong Kong. Until now, we are still trying to find the best way out of Hong Kong. ..... See More

新旅程 (歐洲踩到北非)

新旅程的路線:瑞士 → 法國 → 西班牙 → 葡萄牙 → 摩洛哥 → ??

很想講講為何會繼續旅程 ,但有點不知怎樣去下筆,那有什麼好說呢,去年經歷過很多難忘的片段,這樣精彩的生活,延續下去是理所當然的吧。要怎樣延續呢?環歐洲,穿越非洲,還是經南亞回香港?在單車上百無聊賴,幻想不同的路線一直是打發時間的最好方法。 ..... See More