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Touring Morocco by Bicycle

Touring Morocco by Bicycle

I have travelled by bicycle in more than a dozen countries. Several places are my favorite ones, Taiwan for its easy-going atmosphere, Mongolia for its vastness, Kyrgyzstan for its beautiful nature, and Uzbekistan for its historical monuments and people’s hospitality. After spending more than three months in Morocco, I found it has all elements of these places. ..... See More

摩洛哥單車遊 (17) : Agadir - Essaouira

Agadir - Essaouria

Agadir – Essaouira

Agadir – Essaouira (195 公里)

幾個月在摩洛哥,除Tangier之外,基本上都是在內陸地方或山區,由Agadir沿海岸線回到Tangier這段路真的是最終章了,也讓我看到摩洛哥的另一面的精彩,沿海有不少法國,西班牙或葡萄牙的前殖民地城市,尤以融合傳統摩洛哥和歐洲城市規劃的Essaouira最有味道,飽覧大西洋,看日落晚霞的露營地方,還有吹得人東歪西倒的超強逆風,令人又愛又恨。 ..... See More