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Touring Morocco by Bike (6.1): Imilchil – Dades Gorge

Imilchil to Dades Gorge

Imilchil – Dades Gorge

Imilchil – Dades Gorge (142km)
When I climb a hill, I expect a nice view at the top, and look forward the pleasure of going downhill, but if the downhill road is too messy and steep, it would be even more difficult than going uphill. In some extreme cases, I felt lucky because I was not coming from the other side, it is not consider as a hard ride, it is rather impossible. I had a strong feeling in this route, the last time I had the same feeling was at Song Kul in Kyrgyzstan. Every time I told Moroccans that I crossed this place by bicycle, I saw surprise and respect from their faces. ..... See More

Touring Morocco by Bicycle

Touring Morocco by Bicycle

I have travelled by bicycle in more than a dozen countries. Several places are my favorite ones, Taiwan for its easy-going atmosphere, Mongolia for its vastness, Kyrgyzstan for its beautiful nature, and Uzbekistan for its historical monuments and people’s hospitality. After spending more than three months in Morocco, I found it has all elements of these places. ..... See More