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Touring Morocco by Bike (3) : Rabat – Meknes – Azrou

Rabat 拉巴特 – Meknes 梅克內斯 – Azrou 艾茲魯

Rabat – Meknes – Azrou

Rabat – Meknes (146km)

There is a highway connecting these two cities, so the traffic of the N6 national road is not much. It is only 2 lanes road, but it has smooth surface and with shoulder most of the time. The height difference is only about 500m for distance of 146km, overall steepness is gentle, except a 300m climbing at a valley after Khemisset, so it was quite a relatively easy ride. ..... See More

Touring Morocco by Bike (2) : Chefchaouen – Moulay Idriss Zerhoun – Meknes – Fez

Cycling from Chefchaouen to Fez

Chefchaouen – Moulay Idriss Zerhoun – Meknes – Fez

Chefchaouen – Moulay Idriss Zerhoun (186km)
Leaving the blue hill town Chefchaouen, I headed to the south. After riding downhill for about 10km, I was on N13 national road again. Just 25km of ride, I reached Laghdir, where you can find some restaurants. I was so lucky to see a traditional wedding party there. ..... See More