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Hassan II Mosque, like floating on the s

Touring Morocco by Bike (19) : El-Jadida – Rabat

El-Jadida – Casblanca – Rabat

El-Jadida – Casblanca – Rabat

 El-Jadida – Casablanca – Rabat (193km)

This route is certainly the most boring one I have taken in Morocco.

Day 1 : El-Jadida – Camping International Hawai
A 15km broad road with many tall trees on roadside connecting El-Jadida and Azemmour. Azemmour was similar to El-Jadida, also a former Portuguese colonial town, someone told me the medina is worth a visit, and there is campsite near the beach. I didn’t stop there because it’s really too close to El-Jadida. ..... See More