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Touring Morocco by Bike (1) : Tangier – Tetouan – Chefchaouen

Cycling Route from Tangier to Chefchaouen

Tangier – Tetouan  – Chefchaouen

Tanger Mad – Tangier (45km)
It took only 1.5 hour travelling from Algeriras, Spain to Tangier, Morocco by ferry. Tanger-Med ferry port is only 40km from the city center, I cycled on the N16 National Road, which, goes along the coastline. I was really unlucky to cycle on this dangerous road in Morocco on the first day, the road was narrow and curvy, the surface was broken, and the worst thing was that there was extremely high traffic because many Moroccans headed to the coast for the beach during the summer. ..... See More

Touring Morocco by Bicycle

Touring Morocco by Bicycle

I have travelled by bicycle in more than a dozen countries. Several places are my favorite ones, Taiwan for its easy-going atmosphere, Mongolia for its vastness, Kyrgyzstan for its beautiful nature, and Uzbekistan for its historical monuments and people’s hospitality. After spending more than three months in Morocco, I found it has all elements of these places. ..... See More

摩洛哥單車遊 (20) : Rabat - Tangier


Rabat – Asilah – Tangier

Rabat – Asilah – Tangier (283公里)

Day 1:Rabat – Moulay Bousselham 前30公里
由Rabat,經大橋過河到Sale,由Sale沿著N1國道往北走,車流不多,大約30公里的直路到Sidi Taibi,拐彎往Mehida沙灘的小路上,有個窄窄的水塘,是侯鳥保育區,附近環境十分綠化。冬天的Mehida十分冷清,海上就只有幾個人在滑浪,這裡有個營地,工人(還是老闆)竟然表示,可以免費住下,有點搞不懂是什麼情況… Mehida沿海邊有些殘破的城堡,都生滿野草,似乎一直丟空著,路邊還有個魚市場和熟食中心,是吃海鮮的好地方。 ..... See More