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The Flag

Umbrella Movement, was a sit-in street protest occurred from Sep to Dec in 2014.Started with class boycott by students, it became one of the biggest protests in Hong Kong history. Hundreds of thousands people joined the protest, occupied several major city intersections, demanding universal suffrage with unscreened nominees for the election of chief executive in 2017. Protesters defended themselves from police’s teargas and pepper spray with umbrellas, which made umbrella as a symbol of the demonstration and became the reason it was named Umbrella Movement, or Umbrella Revolution. The movement ended peacefully with disappointment and despair among protestors but it had long-term and huge impacts upon the political situation of Hong Kong. Until now, we are still trying to find the best way out of Hong Kong. ..... See More

Day 187 莫忘初衷(衝),要看時機(Otmok,Kyrgyzstan)

路線:Otmok前33公里 → Otmok(M41:34KM)
住:Ala-Be Pass前15KM的小旅館(500 SOM)

陰天下接近零度的氣温,要離開睡袋難免要費一番功夫,但陽光穿過厚雲所帶來的丁點日光還是不停提醒你,要動身了。10點才正式出發,不到5分鐘已是白雪飄飄,風雪隨漸強的逆風迎面打來,早有準備的我一點也不覺冷,有時還抬頭張口迎飛雪,怎麼是鹹的呢?但如果你有看過我在俄羅斯的遊記,當知手套是弱點,半年後還是一樣,很快雙手就感到僵冷麻痺,又要不停往掌心呵氣。 ..... See More

Lion Rock上的雨傘旗

新單車是在荷蘭訂回來的,車廠提供在車架上刻名的服務,沒想很久就決定用Lion Rock。當時正值佔領期間,對我來說,最鼓動人心的一幕莫過於在獅子山上掛上巨型「我要真普選」那段航拍,上一輩人經常推崇的獅子山下精神,來到我這一代已經沒有幾多認同感,更別說是年青人,而那次行動實在是重新演繹了獅子山下精神,重新連繫上很多香港人對香港的情感,認同,責任和期盼。現在再聽《獅子山下》,腦中的畫面已不再是那段由黑白木屋到彩色高樓大廈的轉變,而是俯瞰獅子山頭掛著「黃符」的youtube片。神奇地,好像連羅文的歌聲感情都好像比以前更加豐富呢 ^^ ..... See More